• 1252 – the first prospectors looking for silver ore at first and for iron ore later on are coming into the region in connection with the founding of the Cistercian Monastery in Zdar
  • 1399 – the first written records of direct iron making in iron mills with reducing furnaces in Zdar region
  • 1614 – beginning of operation of the first blast furnace with the indirect method of iron making on the premises of the monastery in Zdar
  • 1838 – the operation of a rolling mill producing railway rails began in the ironworks at Polnicka u Zdaru. The complex of Ransko-Polnicka Ironworks belonged then to the largest ones in the Bohemian Lands and supplied metallurgical and engineering products to the whole Europe.
  • 1886 – as a result of a long lasting crisis, intensive iron making in Zdar region was ended and disappeared
  • 1951 – by casting a traditional bell, the historical tradition has been renewed and production in the biggest factory on the Czech-Moravian Highlands, ZDAS joint-stock company of today, has begun
  • 1956 – the development of mechnical presses of Company's own design was completed and their production has begun
  • 1959 – delivery of the first continuous billet mill (Cerepovec – the Soviet Union)
  • 1963 – beginning of operation in the biggest hall No. 5 enabling assembly of the heaviest components
  • 1979 – the first TP multistation automatic machine was made
  • 1989 – 2,000,000th tonne of steel was poured in the foundry of the metallurgical plant
  • 1991 – a state-of-the-art section mill has been put into operation in Visakhapatnam in India
  • 1992 – privatization of the entreprise and formation of the joint-stock company of ZDAS, a.s.
  • 1996 – ZDAS, a.s. has been certified according to ISO 9001 quality system
  • 2000 – 21st Golden Medal awarded at the International Engineering Fair in Brno for CNS 400 K container hydraulic scrap shears
  • 2002 – a strategic partner and majority owner, Slovak company of Zeleziarne Podbrezova, a.s., enters ZDAS Company
  • 2007 – 22nd Golden Medal awarded at the International Engineering Fair in Brno for CNS 1100-CV2 hydraulic baling scrap shears
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Plant construction Beginning of operation First heat
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Employees' meeting Rolling mill for Cerepovec One of the first employees


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