ZDAS, a.s and Environmental Protection

imgZDAS joint-stock company is located at the southern border of the Protected Landscape Area Zdarské vrchy (Zdar Hills), which belongs among the landscape areas with the lowest pollution in the Czech Republic, which naturally creates pressure of its surroundings on ZDAS to strive for as favourable as possible impact of its activity on the environment.
The Company documents its positive approach to the environmental protection effective also in the following years by investments into environmentally friendly technologies and also by the fact that in May 2005 it has successfully introduced and certified the Environmental Management System (EMS) according to EN ISO 14001 : 2004. Since the year 2006, the system functionality has regularly been justified at external audits. EMS is a part of the integrated management system of ZDAS, a.s. including, in addition to the above-mentioned environmental protection system, also the quality control system according to EN ISO 9001 : 2000 and occupational health and safety system according to EN ISO 18001 : 1999 (OHSAS).


From the most important ecological units, the following can be named:

  • In the area of the protection of atmosphere:
    - Electrostatic precipitator for solid fuel boilers
    - Exhaustion of electric arc furnaces
    - Installation of gas in the Metallurgical Plant
    - Construction of new paint shops in the Engineering Plant
    - Central separating station in the Metallurgical Plant
    - Partial installation of gas in the Power Engineering Plant
    - reconstruction of the electric arc furnace exhaust system
    - building of  filter equipment to capture emissions of volatile hydrocarbon in the paintshop - building No. 4
    - abrasion dust exhausting equipment in the pattern shop
    intensification of steel production (shortening of melting time = reduction of emissions)
    joint combustion of biomass and coal
    - decrease in the K5 Coal Boiler rated capacity and putting a new, K8 Gas Boiler into operation together with Flue Exchanger in the Forging Sho

  • In the area of the protection of water:
    - Construction of a new de-emulgation station in the inorganic waste water treatment plant (to treat cutting and cooling emulsions and oil-polluted water)
    - Renovation of the old central storehouse of inflammable substances and construction of a new one
    - Construction of a new emulsion system for the forging shop of the Metallurgical Plant
    - Indication network of hydrogeological monitoring boreholes on the Company premises circumference for early detection and localization of possible pollution of ground water
    - decrease of water consumption in the ion nitriding equipment in the building No. 5  as a result of introduction of air cooling instead of water cooling
    - decrease in water consumption by putting a service water recirculation circuit into operation to provide the cooling within the electric arc furnaces
  • In the area of the protection of soil and dealing with waste:
    - Company's participation in the construction of a modern controlled dump for solid industrial and communal waste of regional importance at Ronov nad Sazavou (ZDAS, a.s. deposits waste of the miscellanous waste category here)
    - Large number of other measures (consistent waste sorting, maximum utilization of raw materials - minimizing the waste production, manufacturing technologies producing little or no waste, utilization of waste as raw material suitable for further use)
    - due to introduction of a new technology in sand mould production (furane no-bake mixtures) production of waste foundry sand decreased considerably 
    - selling coal slags as a certified product for further utilization in the building industries and for winter road care 
    - coal fly ashes utilization for production of building material
    - foundry-slag processing with use of separated iron portion            
    - foundry-sand utilization to cover up sanitary land-fills

ZDAS, a.s. has been paying great attention to the environmental protection since the beginning of the seventies when it has begun to implement its own programme of making the production more environmentally friendly. A marked increase in investment into the ecology area was visible from 1980 which continued until the end of the nineties. ZDAS, a.s. has been paying continuous attention to the environmental protection up to the present day, as documented by the data for the last five, or six years.

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