the bell was cast in žďas, a. s. in 2001.Making of bells belongs to the historical tradition of ferrous metalurgy in the Czech-Moravian Highland. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the commencement of production at ŽĎAS Metallurgical Plant, a carillon containing nine bells was cast.

In the summer of 2002 the clapper of the biggest Czech bell, located in the St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague, cracked. A new clapper has been made in the modern forging shop of ZDAS Company according to the 300 year old model, which has been presented to the Prague Castle Administration as a gift of the management of ZDAS joint-stock company.


In 2009, the heaviest casting of the company´s history was cast in the foundry of ŽĎAS Metallurgical Plant. The tool carrier steel casting for an Italian customer weighed 45 540 kg after machining.


Manufacture of metallurgical components and semi-finished products belongs among the basic lines of ZDAS joint-stock company. It means especially the production and supplies of first-quality castings, forgings, ingots, casting patterns and a number of further accompanying services. To fulfil this goal, attention is paid to consistent processing of enquiries, orders and the whole technical documentation, which is the basis for the technical preparation of production itself, manufacturing and inspection process. Established integrated control systems ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 are used to constantly enhance the quality of production.The level reached is verified annualy by certification justification performed by an independent company of TÜV NORD. The main objective the technical, commercial and production staff of the Metallurgical Plant of ZDAS joint-stock company is to be a reliable partner for all customers for our production. The satisfaction of you, our customers, is our path to prosperity.


vacuum caisson of secondary metallurgy

riser removal

Historical Data

1951 metallurgical production in a new ZDAS plant began by casting a traditional bell
1989 2,000,000th tonne of steel was cast
1993 the production system of the Metallurgical Plant was certified according to ISO 9001 by RW TÜV Company
1997 the heaviest casting in the history of ZDAS weighing 43 tonnes was cast
1999 VD/VOD/VIC secondary metallurgy technology was put into operation
2002 a new strategic partner has entered ZDAS joint-stock company and the Slovak company Zeleziarne Podbrezova has become the majority owner.
2009 the heaviest casting of ŽĎAS history weighing 45 tons was cast
2009 essential change in moulding technique – moulding using no-bake furan mixtures
2010 the three-millionth ton of steel cast

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