Forming machines

forming machines žďas, a.s.The manufacture of forming machines has a more than half a century long tradition in ZDAS joint-stock company. Beginning with basic simple types made according to a taken over documentation at first, this line of operation expanded to several specialized groups once the construction of the company's own development base had terminated. Thus today ZDAS is able to meet all usual as well as customized requirements of its customers concerning the press design or parameter value.
Thanks to the experience of the design team and production plants with modern equipment, we are able to offer, in addition to unified series of the individual forming machine types, also designs and building of non-standard custom-made or special machines. This relates especially to the equipment for mass production of components for automotive or consumer-goods industries and includes, of course, the appropriate mechanization equipment, tooling and all accompanying services.
ZDAS thus belongs among the leading producers of forming machines, also being able to design equipment for the customers according to their special requirements, tailor-made equipment, we may say. Thus not only a large number of equipment supplied from the individiual production series but also tens of production lines and machines designed and delivered according to the customers' requirements serve as a good reference.
Lately, considerable effort is concentrated on medium repairs and overhauls, not only of the equipment made by us previously, but also of other manufacturers' equipment. The repairs are orientated not only on functional wear of the individual press parts but also on safety elements necessary to guarantee operation of the respective equipment today. A major part of repairs is connected with modernization of presses, with change of the drive and other press components to meet the requirements of the current modern technologies.
Basically, the forming machines made with the ZDAS brand are divided according to the drive system to mechanical and hydraulic presses. However, the use for flat forming from sheet metal and for solid forming from solid metal is respected. The same attention of independent specialized teams of experts is devoted to both the machine types. As the use of machines with different drives for the production of specific pressed pieces is often intermingled, the group of technical specialists of ZDAS Company always tries to find an optimum and universally suitable equipment for the particular pressing or semi-finished product.

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