QMJV automatic tongs

Automatic tongs are a special device designed for handling homogeneous metal ingots where the possibility of crumbling of the surface and deformation at the place of gripping by the tongs can be eliminated. It is designed for gripping of loads of circular or square/rectangular section.
Automatic tongs are a lever mechanism of multi-plate type fixed by a pin in a carrying yoke. The yoke is suspended on the crane hook. Depending on the strut position, the tongs begin to close or stay in an open (locked) position when the tongs are lifted. The strut is controlled by a cylinder (curve mechanism), which changes alternately its stroke and thus the strut position after every max. opening of the tongs (in practice after every standing of the tongs on floor or on the forging). The arms are connected by pivots, the mutual position of the arms is secured by distance rings.

Technical Parameters
Carrying capacity kN 100 150 200 250 300 350 500


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Computer model of automatic tongs Automatic tongs series


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